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Thursday, March 18, 2021


Time to chill! Settle into the long weekend with non-stop entertainment from DStv. Here are some of the highlights.

Brand new local telenovela Lingashoni starts on March 22 on 1Magic (DStv channel 103) at 19h30 with a double mystery forming the backbone of the show. Mandla (played by television icon Patrick Mofokeng) has lived with life-altering amnesia for 10 years. When he suddenly gets his memory back, he discovers his memory loss was the one thing keeping him safe.

(Anne Frank)

Anne Frank Remembered on History (DStv channel 186) takes a look at the life of one of the world’s most renowned victims of the Holocaust. Many of us know the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who became posthumously famous after her diary chronicling her experiences during the Second World War was published. This portrait of Anne’s life uses previously unreleased archival material, as well as contemporary interviews, to paint a more rounded picture of what is perhaps the world’s most famous victim of the Holocaust. Stars Glenn Close and Kenneth Branagh lend their voices as narrators while Miep Gies, who risked death to shelter the Frank family, is also interviewed. Anne Frank Remembered (Documentary) can be seen on March 21 on History (DStv channel 186) at 20h15


Swimming for Gold (Family Drama)

Saturday, March 20 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 16h00

Peyton List (Jessie) stars as elite swimmer Claire Carpenter whose dreams of winning gold are shattered when she suffers an injury. So she packs up and heads to a camp to become a swim coach for the Australian boys’ swimming team. Now, it’s up to her to save the camp from closing down while overcoming her rival. 

Jumanji: The Next Level (Adventure Comedy)

Sunday, March 21 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 20h05

In the follow-up to the remake of this American fantasy-adventure film, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan team up once more in the gaming world of Jumanji. The gang returns to the dangerous world inside the board game to rescue one of their own. Danny DeVito (Matilda), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) and Akwafina (Crazy Rich Asians) join the cast in levelling up this next stage of the Jumanji saga.


The Last Igloo

Saturday, March 20 on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 22h02

Imagine being able to join a real Innuit hunter on a trip into the wilderness, to watch first-hand as he tracks animals and builds a traditional igloo for shelter. Now you can in this documentary that follows life on the edge of climate change. The Inuit will explain how and why he lives life this way, along with the nature of the snow he must use for his igloo structure. It’s the stuff of childhood fantasy and a fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful show with moments of magic, like when the aurora borealis dances through the night sky.


RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S2

Tuesday, March 23 On BBC Brit (DStv channel 120) at 20h59

The new eight-episode season of this drag competition brings Michelle Visage and RuPaul back to the UK, where they and judges Graham Norton and Alan Carr (along with special guest judges such as Liz Hurley and Dawn French) will meet some astoundingly talented and funny drag queens as they take on weekly design, comedy, singing, dancing, acting and makeover challenges. A word of warning: This season is merciless and some queens who you might pick as winners are going to be early outs for dubious reasons.

(James Spader plays Raymond "Red" Reddington in “The Blacklist”. Pic by Gage Skidmore)

The Blacklist S7B

Wednesday, March 24 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 22h30

This series returns with its final nine episodes, including the innovative final episode, which overcame the pandemic lockdown hurdle through the use of an animated sequence. Coming up, Ressler tells Liz about her mother, Red reunites with an old flame at a deadly dinner party, and Ressler’s estranged brother Robby returns. In a flashback to Ressler’s past in 1995, Robby covers up a murder that Ressler committed while back in the present day, Red prepares to hand his criminal empire to Liz, who is weighing up whether to be loyal to Mom or Dad.


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