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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


A good read, that entertains as is intended. James Patterson has delivered yet again. (Review by Christine E Hann)

The Russian is the 13th book in the Michael Bennett series written by James Patterson and James O Boon.

Patterson is an American author and philanthropist, a prolific and popular author, who is known for his thriller and suspense novels. He has written over 140 books since 1976 and has sold over 380 million copies world-wide. He holds the New York Times #1 best seller record – 67 times at this point. The Russian (A Michael Bennett Thriller) is his latest book.

Detective Bennett and his new partner (who needs to learn the ropes and make his mark at the same time) are challenged with yet another elusive killer that stalks their beat - New York City. At least, that seems to be the kill area, but as the story progresses, the case widens, and goes back over time. What are the killer’s motives? How does he select his victims? What is the link? And why?

The complex case progresses and claims more victims; all this while Detective Bennett is distracted by his wedding day, which is fast approaching, and he has promised his fiancĂ©e and his extended “brood”, that their special day will not be impacted by his latest case.

The plot twists, as Bennett himself comes into the killer’s sights, which heightens the drama as you read on.

I enjoyed the concept that the book is written so that the reader knows who the killer is and you are able to gain an insight into his mind, and his methods, whilst watching the detectives battle it out to determine who, how and what is happening in their City. A good read, that entertains as is intended. James Patterson has delivered yet again.

Some of the other books by the same author: The Alex Cross Novels: Along Came a Spider, Criss Cross. The Women’s Murder Club Series: 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 20th Victim. Private Novels: Private Berlin, Private Princess, Stand Alone Thrillers: Texas Outlaw, The Inn, and many more series and stand-alone novels. The author collaborates on some of his books and series with other writers (such as James O Boon for The Russian.)

The Russian is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2021- ISBN: 9781780899466 - Christine E Hann