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Saturday, April 3, 2021


(Left: Christopher Duigan)

Christopher Duigan’s Music Revival project has now passed a full year, 52 weeks, of lockdown and presented, without fail, two livestream concerts every week!

Duigan makes this report:

“For the momentous occasion, and also making International Piano Day, I presented an incredible challenging project that I started working on 34 years ago. I have had the ambition of completing this project in performance for the last 25 years. And I finally did it! You can see my performance that includes the 12 Chopin Etudes Op. 10 at the image above.

“With a year having passed (and the novelty having worn off!) I urge you to please keep supporting our huge effort to bring music to you, and to a wider audience. I am totally dependent on your donations.

“If you are viewing these livestreams please consider donating the equivalent of a ticket purchase (R100) every time you view a new livestream even though it is freely available. Suggested via Yoco or Quicket

“I am reluctant to gate or restrict these streams as I am aware of many who are isolated and dependent on having access to them without the financial resources to support me. Gating also creates complications regarding payments, access management, licensing and additional platform fees, all of which seem counterproductive under the present circumstances.

“Despite the fact that public gatherings are possible, though limited, many of the venues in which I regularly promote my live concerts are simply not open to the public and those that are allow only limited numbers due to social distancing restrictions. Venues at Ambers Valley, in Kloof, Ballito and Durban are simply not available to host events. As an independent musician who presents concerts on their own risk of door sales, including costs and without sponsorships or funding, it is currently impossible to pursue a viable series of public performances.

“In addition, I personally feel it is irresponsible to encourage public gatherings as many of those attending my events are in fact most vulnerable during this pandemic.

“Please continue to support our online activities, especially if you are viewing them!

“We are currently looking at establishing a members’ area for that will offer content created specifically for subscribers. A questionnaire will be sent shortly to establish a way forward.

“A reminder: my back catalogue of albums is now uploaded to all major streaming platforms including AppleMusic and Spotify. It is worth subscribing to either to access the enormous amount of music available online.”

Music Revival Online presents Christopher Duigan at Home

All at 18h00 (CAT)

April 3 No. 108: IN CONCERT Easter Weekend.

A classical selection of restrained music for the Easter weekend by Bach, Haydn, Beethoven and Liszt.


April 7 No. 109: PIANO HOUR My Music

A revisit to a selection of my own compositions, improvisations and original ideas including favourites Barstool Tango, Indigo and Umbumbulu.


April 10 No. 110: IN CONCERT Liszt Rhapsodies

A joyful and energetic selection of uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms. Three dazzling 'Hungarian Rhapsodies' by Liszt, Mozart's Sonata in A major (that ends with the 'Rondo: All' turca') and music by Debussy make up this selection.


April 14 No. 111: PIANO HOUR Points of Departure

A selection of music that stems from, and explores further links to, selections I have played regularly. More Bach transcriptions, the remainder of the Sonata K.545 by Mozart, lesser-known Chopin Waltzes, other ragtime composers apart from Scott Joplin, more composers of tangos and contemporary piano melodies.


April 17 No. 112: IN CONCERT Why Chopin ?

A generous selection of grand Scherzos and Ballades along with intimate nocturnes and mazurkas by Chopin. Duigan will also be detailing some of the background and demonstrating, by way of music by Bach and Mozart, why he thinks Chopin's music is so universally appealing and important!


April 21 No. 113: PIANO HOUR World Cafe

A selection of popular favourites from the repertoire in my memory from around the world in varied styles and genres!


April 24 No. 114: IN CONCERT Happy Days

A positive and uplifting classical selection of music from the classical repertoire.


Duigan wishes to thank all those who are contributing with weekly, monthly and once-off donations! He is extremely grateful for the continued and generous support he has been receiving.

“PLEASE SUPPORT US. I need your support! In order to continue working under current lockdown restrictions, and cover the costs of producing a unique and world class production that is reliable and easily available, please continue to support me. Please also share our links and streams to all you know!”



Please make all contributions to

MUSIC REVIVAL: NEDBANK Acc: 1340436582 Hayfields Branch: 134025


To access the free LIVESTREAM CONCERTS simply click on this link below from a few minutes before 18h00 which will take you to directly to the YouTube channel


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