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Friday, July 23, 2021


Here are some of the DStv highlights for the forthcoming week (July 23 – 29, 2021)


Season 1 / Episode 1 /

July 25 at 20h00

M-Net (DStv channel 101)

Brilliant criminal profiler Reyka Gama (Kim Engelbrecht), who’s investigating a serial killer at work in the sugar cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal, reaches out to a sinister man to help her enter the mindset of the killer. This manipulative and charming prisoner, Speelman (Iain Glen), is the farmer who kidnapped Reyka when she was 12 years old and tried to mould her to fit into his idea of the perfect family. 20 years on, he still has his claws sunk into her – but Reyka is fighting back.

Local content lovers, South African original crime drama series Reyka S1 arrives on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at last, following its international debut in Monte Carlo. This series will draw you in each Sunday to see criminal profiler Reyka on the prowl to catch a serial killer in KwaZulu-Natal.


DStv customers can now add Showmax to their entertainment at no cost for Premium and at a discount for Compact Plus and Compact subscribers and watch the Showmax original doccie Devilsdorp that paints a gruesome picture of the Appointment Murders in Krugersdorp, while Dierepraters S1 and Slim Vang Sy Baas S1 offer up a lighter side of local with an animal whisperer and a fun general knowledge competition.

A brand-new season of local telenovela The Queen begins, another war erupts as Mandla’s search for the truth continues in Lingashoni, and James slips Felicity some truth serum in Legacy.



Season 1

July 26, 2021

Watch Mondays to Thursdays, on 1Magic at 19h30

(DStv channel 103)

Mandla makes another surprising announcement to Seipati and Mohau, oblivious of the threat from 2-faced Puleng. The Mchunu Brothers’ reign is being threatened, and Puleng puts pressure on Mohau to tell Mandla the truth. The Mchunus are out for blood when they go in search of Tower and Skoon, Sarah isn’t sure she likes her friends taking a liking to Mpumi, and after many successful attempts at keeping their secret, hell finally breaks loose for Mohau and Mpumi. Tower and Skoon now have the upper hand at calling the shots for everyone around them, and Mpumi’s life isn’t getting any easier with her monster-in-law around.


The Queen

Season 6

July 26, 2021

Watch Mondays to Fridays, on Mzansi Magic at 21h00

(DStv channel 161)

Things get heated in the new season of this thrilling telenovela as the Khoza children bear the emotional brunt of an attack, Thando is on a mission to avenge Mpho and yet another war breaks out. Hector is forced to deal with the consequences of his decision, Goodness and Kagiso don’t see eye to eye, and there’s trouble in paradise when Kagiso and Goodness can’t agree. Thando makes the hardest decision since Mpho’s death, and you won’t believe what happens when Hector reaches out to an enemy.



Season 3 / Episode 1

July 29 at 20h30

M-Net (DStv channel 101)

Airline passengers aboard Flight 828 find out upon landing that they've been missing, presumed dead, for five years in this sci-fi drama, and some experience visions or “callings”, warning them about future events. This season picks up three months after the S2 finale. Michaela and Zeke are on honeymoon when they get a “calling” of the tailfin of Flight 828 being found in the sea off Cuba. And Ben becomes obsessed with convincing doubting passengers to pay attention to the “callings” so they can survive as a group.


FRIDAY JULY 23, 2021

Detection Of Di Renjie 2

(DStv channel 114) / 19h00

During Empress Wu's reign, several bizarre deaths in the capital city of Chang'an are linked to the Martyrs Shrine's Flying Goddess Mural. Detective Di investigates, and the trail leads him on a long and twisted path before he is finally able to unmask the real killer. With Du Yi Heng, Shu Yang, Zhao Wen Zhuo and Zhang Zi Xuan.


Always A Bridesmaid

Movie / 1Magic (DStv channel 103) / 21h30

Corina, a copy editor, is always asked to be the bridesmaid for everyone’s wedding, and she starts to wonder: Will she forever only be the Bridesmaid, or will her time come 1 day to be the beautiful bride herself? Taking things into her own hands, she dives into the dating pool and meets Mark Randall. Could he be her groom?



The Clockwork Girl

Movie / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 16h45

In this animated movie, the townsfolk of Harraway are deeply divided over whether to treat a strange illness called The Blight by giving life to mechanical creatures, or by creating mutants using biological engineering. Based on the 2008 Clockwork Girl comic book series by Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna.

Despicable Me

Movie / M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) / 16h40

Actor Steve Carell gives a stunning voice performance as the criminal mastermind Gru, who adopts 3 orphan girls who he uses as pawns to carry out the biggest heist in history. But his life and that of his yellow minions takes an unexpected turn when the girls, with their love and kindness, change the cunning Gru and the minions for good.



A War To Remember

Special / History (DStv channel 186) / 20h15

The late Dame Vera Lynn takes us back in time to tell the story of World War II, starting with what happened around the world on 8 May, 1945, the day that Germany unconditionally surrendered to Allied Forces. Rather than being a portrait of battles and decision-making, this is the story of how ordinary British people lived through a time of war and how it affected their daily lives. As a documentary, this is a portrait of the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” generation.


Movie / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 21h05

In this fun slasher horror comedy flick, bullied teenager Millie Kessler swaps bodies with middle-aged serial killer the Blissfield Butcher thanks to a magical ancient dagger that he tried to stab her with. If she doesn’t stab The Butcher, who’s now in her body, with the dagger by midnight, the changeover will be permanent.



Young Rock

Season 1 / Episode 1 / Mondays-Fridays / Vuzu

(DStv channel 116) / 18h00

In this comedy series (created by Fresh Off The Boat’s Nahnatchka Khan and Dwayne Johnson) the year is 2032 and as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is running to be US President, he looks back over his childhood years growing up in Hawaii in a family of wrestling icons, his experience as a 15-year-old with muscles and a moustache, and his sporting life as a football star at university. Adrian Groulx plays 10-year-old Dwayne, Bradley Constant plays him as a 15-year-old and Uli Latukefu plays the 18-20-year-old.

The Watch

Season 1 / Episode 1 / M-Net City (DStv channel 115) / 21h40

This series is inspired by fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett’s Guards characters in the Discworld novels (1983-2015). A motley crew of cross-species guardsmen (including dwarves and werewolves) led by the grumpy and down-at-heel Sam Vimes rise out of apathy to restore law and order to Ankh-Morpork, pushing back against lawless politicians, shadowy guilds, the super-rich and street gangs. But an old enemy of Vimes’s, Carcer Dun, is dogging their every step while trying to get his hands on a magical artefact.




Season 1 / Episode 180 / Mondays-Thursdays / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 19h00

James seduces Felicity into enjoying the spoils of her newfound power, changes made by the power couple at Legacy offices leave many unsettled, and Petra does what she thinks is right for her. James orders a truth serum for Felicity, hoping to get her to spill the beans about her and Stefan killing her father.

The Lord Of The Ring & The Hobbit Trilogies

Movies / Showmax

Enjoy the ultimate epic fantasy binge, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogies, exclusively on the Showmax online streaming platform. Set in the fictional world of Middle-Earth and based on the classic, bestselling novels by Bloemfontein-born JRR Tolkien, The Lord of The Rings follows hobbit Frodo Baggins as he and the Fellowship undertake a dangerous quest to destroy the One Ring and ensure the downfall of its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron.