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Sunday, August 8, 2021


Although the official 2021 National Arts Festival has ended, you still have the month of August to fully explore the Fringe Live online. This is an independent platform where artists bring their self-funded works, and big dreams.

There are over 100 shows to watch across theatre, dance, music and more. Buying a ticket for a Fringe show also means you are supporting artists directly. 90% of the ticket revenue goes directly into their pockets.

The world's network of Fringe Festivals includes Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe and Adelaide Fringe and many of our own productions are seen by these Festivals and invited to participate abroad. So come and meet the artists and creators who are crafting the festivals of tomorrow.

Find the Fringe Live at

Stories of Memory and Survival Take Ovation Gold

The Gold Standard Bank Ovation Award was, this year, awarded to two very different but equally emotive pieces. The Shack has already scooped up a raft of international awards and is an extraordinary example of what can be done with a short (seven minute) piece. The creator, Tebogo Chologi, has captured the essence of hardship, the lived experience of so many South African's but also the strength of familiarity and identity. Make sure this one is on your watch-list and remember this artist’s name.

The other Gold Standard Bank Ovation Award went to Gone But Not Forgotten, Chadleigh Gowar's musical tribute to those we have not been able to say a proper goodbye to. Moving yet uplifting, it is a deeply cathartic piece for our times. Gowar is a real talent, having taken home a Standard Bank Ovation Award in 2020 as well. Be sure to see this show.

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