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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Closing date: September 23, 2021

Kwa Mashu Community Advancement Projects (K-CAP of Positive Arts) at the Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre are currently holding a dance competition and invite participation from all community dance groups.

The Ukugiya 20 Dance Competition is open to gumboot dance; isipantsula; Bang/Gqom/Isbujwa; Zulu traditional dance; Indlamu, umzansi, umkhuze, umgigi (Wama Nazaretha) and Sherman.

Entry Fee R350.

Submit a three minute video. Entry forms are available from K-CAP. Minimum of two dancers, maximum of 10 dancers.

The K-CAP EMAC Centre opened its doors in September 2003. K-CAP EMAC - an extraordinary organisation is led by an extraordinary man, Edmund Mhlongo, the founder and its director. Mhlongo's passion for the performing arts and creative arts industry helped guide the creation of the K-CAP and therefore the construction of EMAC - with a sense of excitement and his commitment to the arts.

Kwa Mashu Community Advancement Projects (K-CAP of Positive Arts) is a youth-integrated arts and multimedia empowerment organisation founded in October 1993. In April 1995, K-CAP was registered as a Development Trust for arts education and cultural advancement (Reg. No. IT1116/95) - it is also registered with the Department of Social Development as a not-for-profit organization and today is a Section 21 Company not for profit.

K-CAP was launched with the purpose of empowering disadvantaged youth in various integrated arts and multimedia advancement skills that would increase career opportunities, job creation and practical knowledge. K-CAP is based in Kwa Mashu, a sprawling township 18 km from Durban. The oldest township in the area, Kwa Mashu has a population of about 1.5 million people and an estimated unemployment rate of over 80% among youth. Since 1994 K-CAP has been providing intensive workshops in drama skills, music skills, dance skills and multimedia skills (video, graphics and visual arts education - started in 1998).

In September 2002, K-CAP started the construction of its unique Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre (EMAC) in the heart of Kwa Mashu. The EMAC Centre boasts a 340-seat performance theatre, a technically advanced music-recording studio, a fully equipped video-editing facilities ( Final Cut Pro), a multimedia resource information / archive / training centre (furnished by the British Consulate), a convertible dance studio/40-seater conference room, a craft workshop, and an open air Zulu enclosure arena. From January 2004, K-CAP started operating from its new Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre in Kwa Mashu (EMAC) funded through donations from Peace & Reconstruction Foundation (PRF), AFRISUN-KZN, National Lottery Foundation and WAR Child Foundation (Netherlands).

Through EMAC, K-CAP implements its integrated arts skills and related technical art forms such as sound technology, music recording, computer graphics design, Information Technology (IT), photography, performing arts and film/video editing for youth - mainly unemployed.

K-CAP is situated at 25 Giya Road, Emgidweni in KwaMashu, 4051. Phone 031 504 6970.