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Tuesday, November 16, 2021


(Above: Video presenter Victoria Raw reacts to images of the old Inchanga Viaduct – so unsteady that train passengers were urged to disembark and cross on foot. One of the exhibits to be seen at the Inchanga Railway Museum)

Care and Community amongst 1000 Hills

To find out about life in 1000 Hills beyond the obvious, 1000 Hills Community Tourism Organisation has produced an informative documentary video about the proactive Public Benefit Organisations and the impact these hard-working organisations have on the communities they serve.

To be an authentic structure able to support 1000 Hills in its entirety, the 1000 Hills Community Tourism Organisation has to nurture a meaningful relationship with the Public Benefit Organisations and to campaign on their behalf wherever possible.

“This is the crux of community tourism – using the resources of mainstream hospitality to support the community it serves. Employment options; partnership strategies; funding opportunities and stakeholder engagements have to cascade down to the people who live in the area to have any wide-reaching benefit,” considers Jane Candow – 1000 Hills Community Tourism marketing liaison officer and producer of the documentary.

“We wanted to showcase the astonishing, selfless work on our doorstep and to conscientise visitors as to the full spectrum of what 1000 Hills has to offer,” continues Candow.

(Left: Dawn Leppan – dedicated veteran activist and founder of 1000 Hills Community Helpers)

“We commissioned videographer Carl de Heer from On Show Media and presenter Victoria Raw to spend time among our PBOs and find out more about their history, values and what services they offer. It was a hugely affirming exercise for me to be reminded of the selfless work taking place around us;  finding proactive solutions to support vulnerable communities – people living with HIV / Aids and GBV; families living in poverty; the sick and elderly; food security initiatives; caring for our youth as well as abused and neglected domestic animals.”

“As tourism operators, guests frequently asked questions about the community organisations working alongside us – so we thought an instructive documentary might be helpful in taking the conversation further and to inform people of the work being done and to allow those running the organisations to speak in their own voice .”

PBOs can apply for free membership. Some of the proactive PBOs in the area include 1000 Hills Community Helpers; Embocraft Training Centre Trust; Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust; Inchanga Railway Museum; Kloof and Highway SPCA; Kloof Conservancy; Mpumalanga Heritage Museum; Springside Nature Reserve; Vuleka; Upper Highway Rail Trail, and The Valley Trust.

The video is not a comprehensive overview of all of all that is being done – but it does allow viewers a behind the scenes glimpse into the work of some of the key organisations.

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