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Thursday, January 13, 2022


(Right: Christopher Duigan)

Saturday and Wednesday at 18h00

Steinway Pianist Christopher Duigan’s Music Revival will continue the live sessions YouTube livestreams. through January with some exciting programming including a focus on George Gershwin's delightful music and a brilliant and dramatic presentation - all four of Chopin's Scherzi - at the end of the month.


List of programmes:

January 12 No. 188: Piano Hour World Café.

A selection of favourites from the repertoire from around the world: classics, tango, ragtime, film-music!


January 15 No. 189: In Concert Popular Classics - 'S Wonderful!

An uplifting choice from the mainstream concert repertoire for the Saturday evening session. In this summery selection Duigan includes Gershwin's iconic 'Rhapsody in Blue' and the 1932 Song Book - 18 popular songs transcribed for piano by the composer himself.


January 19 No. 190: PIANO HOUR Play, Piano, Play! - New Beginnings

An entertaining and enlightening selection of lesser-known and popular favourites from the repertoire in varied styles and genres. Duigan plans to bring an entirely new selection of music, none of which he has included in the previous 189 sessions!


January 22 No. 191:  In Concert Classic adventures

An adventure through seldom-heard classical music from the vast concert piano repertoire, including two Mozart Rondos, one of which was written for a musical clock.


January 26 No. 192: PIANO HOUR - Behind The Music

An insightful discussion of details behind some of the most popular piano music - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring , Liszt's Liebestraum and Beethoven's 'Moonlight' Sonata included!


January 29 No. 193: In Concert - Concert Classics: The Chopin Scherzi

A dramatic and brilliant selection - Chopin's Four Scherzos (or Scherzi) in one session!


Concerts take place on YouTube every Wednesday and Friday at 18h00 on

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