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Thursday, March 31, 2022


(Above: "Katse Landscape" by Scott Bredin)

The Elizabeth Gordon Gallery is happy to announce that they have new landscapes from Scott Bredin.

Bredin’s upbringing on a dairy farm in the Ixopo area of KZN has inspired his lifelong attraction to nature and its infinite vistas of shape, form, texture and colour.

His love of landscapes led to his Masters in Fine Art (cum laude), and thereafter into a thriving career spent telling the stories of the earth through his rich palette of oils.

Scott describes Dry Bushlands as “By midday, the heat has muted the sounds of life. Baked leaves twirl and shudder on dry stalks. The dust is heavy: smothers grasses, coats your boots, hangs in the air. This place feels as ancient and unchanged as a Martian crater.”

In Katse Landscape, Scott states, “The summer rains in the Maloti’s swell the branches of the Katse dam far up the Bokong river valley. People are living here; the thin soil is tilled by stumbling oxen; blue smoke mingles with the morning mist.”

These paintings can be viewed at the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, 120 Florida Road, in Durban - or on the website