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Friday, March 11, 2022


(Right: Maurice Podbrey. Photo by Pierre Obendrauf /Montreal Gazette)

Pieter Scholtz and friends invite audiences to something a little different, lined up for their March “Mondays at Six at St Clements” soiree on March 14, 2022. A one-man show titled The Kid Who Did It For Nothing written and performed by legendary Durban-born actor Maurice Podbrey who is paying a fleeting visit to the city.

To share from the show’s flyer info:

“Maurice Podbrey was born in Durban — educated here (after a fashion), went to Joburg and then overseas for what he figured would be two years. It stretched to 40, mainly in Montreal, Canada, where he started and ran a theatre.

In 1997 after its 27th season, he decided to return to South Africa.

Why he did so… and, did it achieve any of the wishes that drew him back here? This is the subject — often humorous — of the show.”


Durban-born Maurice Podbrey — actor, theatre personality, teacher, long-time promoter of acting talent — completed high school in Durban, moved to Johannesburg to study at Wits then went to the UK for some years en route to Canada, which he made his home.

He was awarded membership of the Order of Canada on April 19, 1991 for his services to the performing arts in Canada. Since then and in his retirement, Podbrey has lived between Canada and Cape Town, where he founded a non-profit organisation devoted to developing South African theatre.

Durban theatre promoter, Illa Thompson, informs that he is now returning to settle permanently back in Canada. As a “farewell” he has devised this one-man show, which promises to be entertaining, warm, thought-provoking, humorous.

This will, in effect, be Podbrey's “farewell” to South Africa. He initially planned to mount the show at the Seabrooke’s Theatre, fitting as he went to DHS. When this didn't work out, Pieter Scholtz invited him to take the March St Clements slot. Should be a good one!

Read about Maurice Podbrey on Wikipedia and on this link to a 2018 interview with Podbrey in the Montreal Gazette:

The Kid Who Did It For Nothing takes place on March 14, 2022, at 18h00.

Table Bookings essential: RSVP ST Clements 031 202 2511

When the donations box is passed around, we suggest a minimum of R50 per person.

Wear a mask. Covid protocols observed. Outdoors (dress accordingly) and spaced seating. [If it rains, the show moves inside. Windows open, please and observe Covid protocols.]

Bookings limited to diners in support of St Clements restaurant and staff. (They stay open specially for these Monday specials.) Orders taken at the tables. Please be there in time to order before the performance.

St Clements is situated at 191 Musgrave Road, Durban.