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Wednesday, May 11, 2022


(Left: Rebecca Hall stars in “The Night House”)

The Night House

May 22, 2022, at 21h05 - 16VNL Horror Drama

A chilling mind-bending horror led by BAFTA winner Rebecca Hall. A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband's disturbing secrets in the lake house he built for her.


(Liam Neeson in “The Ice Road”)

The Ice Road

May 29, 2022, at 20h05 - 16VL Action Adventure

Liam Neeson leads this riveting film. After a diamond mine collapses in Canada, a 'big-rig' ice road driver leads a rescue mission over a frozen lake to save the trapped miners.


The Time Traveler's Wife

May 16, 2022, at 21h30 Season 1 Starts – Express From The US

Theo James (Divergent) and Rose Leslie (Game Of Thrones) star in this TV adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's novel The Time Traveler's Wife. A couple's relationship is put to the test when time travel is involved.


United States of Al

May 20, 2022, at 19h00. 13VL Season 2 Starts

When Al struggles with the college class he is taking, Riley speaks to his professor. Art's confidence is shaken when he learns Lois used to be married to a professional football star.


High Town

May 31, 2022, at 22h30 E18 Crime Drama *Season 2 Starts*

A gripping season two premiere. Jackie is out to prove herself as a cop and avenge the death of her best friend. Frankie teams up with his cousin, and there is a new deadly drug in town.



May 13, 2022, at 19h00 "Coleen In A Box"

Amy, Sarah and Jodie reach different crossroads and decide to put their issues on the backburner to celebrate Coleen's birthday. The ladies bring Coleen's ashes out for a girl's night.


Recipes For Love And Murder

May 22, 2022, at 20h00

A pulsating season finale to this thrilling M-Net Original. As the police close in, Maria tries to escape the killer, and a desperate search ensues for Jessie.



May 24, 2022, at 22:h30. "I Am Not Alone" -  E16 Crime Drama

Based on the historical/romance novel series, this Golden Globe-nominated drama explores the adventures of a woman who inadvertently finds herself travelling back in time.


CSI: Vegas

May 26, 2022, at 20h30 16V Crime Drama

A thrilling season finale. When David Hodges goes missing, the entire team searches for any evidence that can help locate him, clear his name and save the reputation of the crime lab.


American Idol

May 27, 2022, at 19h30

Ryan Seacrest hosts this season of the popular Emmy-winning reality singing competition with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.



May 28, 2022, at 20h30 "Juneau, Froyo And Ronald Reagan"| *Season 2 ends*

Gina is torn after getting an offer to sell Valley Hills to a rival assisted living residence. Also, Drew prepares to leave on his big trip to Alaska.






20:00 06|13L Drama *Double episodes* *Season 2*

Follows the life of two sisters, Nova and Charley Bordelon, who move to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inheritance from her recently departed father.



May 12, 2022, at 22h30 18VSL Drama Comedy *Season 4 Starts*

With the casino gone and her friendship with Quiet Ann in tatters, Desna is prepared to return to her roots as a money-laundering nail mogul.

NB: *Please note that this line-up is subject to change*