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Saturday, July 16, 2022


(Above: Lyle D Chellan, Desiree Kisten, Bhavani Kisten, Melanie Kisten & Thiru Reddy)

Bread vs Porridge – Whose side are you on?  Panache Promotions together with the Producers of Big Amma’s House and Big Amma and Biggs Locked Down are back with another tale. After five sold-out shows in 2017, they are bringing it back home.

Durban theatre luminary Melanie Kisten returns to Suncoast The Globe with her hit production The Bread, The Porridge and the Mix Masala - with yet again another twist with a different tale.

A story begins in a rather palatial house, where one man has worked hard from being a simple mechanic to becoming the owner of a large logistics company. Unfortunately, he doesn’t last long in this tale as he dies a sudden death at a party.

Adding to this tale is a pitch of two split sons (a gambler and a drunkard) who are struggling to find their place in society, and the household, topped with two daughters-in-law (a gold digger and an outcast) who are at loggerheads with each other. Both are craving the attention of their mother-in-law. Each seeks the position of top daughter-in-law - in order to make her husband get a greater share of the business.

But all their evil plans are thwarted by a flaming hot spoon mother-in-law, and then arrives a police inspector who brings more chaos into this already corrupted family…

Stir well to 90 degrees…simmer down to 30 degrees, add some chilli powder, add some Tikka spice - and we’ve got some mixed masala!

Melanie Kisten has infused comedy, drama, dance and music into a light-hearted story that promises to keep you at the edge of your seats.

The Bread, The Porridge and the Mix Masala focuses on expressing the hardships of marriage, family and betrayal, laced with comedy that’s bound to leave you in stiches in a whacky, yet interesting way.

Audiences should be ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions! So be prepared to embrace the music and be enthralled in the high-energy, emotionally-charged dance sequences by the Melanie Kisten Dance Troupe (MKDA).

The show features Melanie Kisten, Bhavanie Kisten, Desiree Kisten, Lyle D Chellan, Thiru Reddy, Sagie Kisten, Elaine Govender, Kubeshan Naidoo and Lucian Govender.

Catch them live in action at Suncoast The Globe on July 30, 2022. Show starts 19h00. Duration of performance is two and a half hours. Tickets from R150 via Computicket. Call 0861 915 8000.