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Saturday, September 10, 2022


As is often the case, the truth isn’t always the most palatable answer.  (Review by Christine E Hann)

Shattered is the 14th book in the Detective Michael Bennett thriller series.

Book fourteen begins with Detective Bennet on honeymoon with his new bride Mary Catherine in Ireland, far from his New York city beat and his large family. He intends to make the most of the precious time they have together, but he receives some calls from his long-time friend (and ex) FBI agent Emily, with whom he has worked on many cases.

He chooses to ignore her calls, and to focus on his new bride, something he lives to regret when he learns on his return home that Emily has been murdered. What was it she was trying to reach out to him for? Will he ever know?

Detective Bennett has history with Emily, so he is certain he knows her well. He goes out of his way (and his jurisdiction) to work out who did this to her.

As is often the case, the truth isn’t always the most palatable answer. It seems that Emily had many dark secrets and was intimately involved with some very powerful people, who could make for very bad enemies. Have these enemies silenced Emily?

To add to the intrigue, FBI agent, Bobby Patel has been assigned to the case and is in constant liaison with Detective Bennett. He also knew Emily well and is intent on finding her killer. Bobby is an admirer of Detective Bennett’s work and his case successes and is keen to learn from him. But is Bobby an impartial agent in this investigation?

The murder somehow seems linked to an old open case, a woman who was also involved with some of Emily’s love interests. There are several dark forces at play. The story builds up to its climax, with our Detective coming under attack, and his investigative skills are tested to the limits.

As I hoped, the authors delivered an exciting, fast paced read, filled with intrigue and nuances that keep you focused as the intricate plot is revealed. (Twists included as usual, of course.) I look forward to book fifteen in the series, it’s surely around the corner.

Authors are James Patterson and James O Boon. James Patterson is an American author and philanthropist, a prolific and popular author, who is known for his thriller and suspense novels. He has written over 140 books since 1976 and has sold over 380 million copies world-wide. He holds the New York Times #1 best seller record – 67 times at this point. Shattered (A Michael Bennett Thriller) is his latest book.

Other collaborations by the same authors – from the Detective Michael Bennet Series: Haunted, Ambush, Blindside and The Russian.

Shattered is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2022:  ISBN: 978-1-52-912534-4 - Christine E Hann