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Monday, January 9, 2023


Pieter Scholtz and friends invite audiences to the Mondays @ 6 at St Clements soirée on January 16, 2023, in what promises to be a great start-to-the-year. The legendary David Marks will bring his guitar, his mouth harp and himself. Given his iconic status is a singer-songwriter, musician and storyteller of note, expect to be entertained, delighted and surprised.

The programme is titled: David Marks: The Strange World of Master Jack. Figure this: “David will recite ‘n rap his words into 4 chords… C – F ‘n G waxing lyrical thru’ the odd country D-7th. Groucho Marks without the X…”

He will play a few earlier and maybe some new songs. There will be some tall tales and some tunes. He stresses that he is not big on nostalgia or the “good old daze” (that never were). He will likely “rap up the past in four or five chords” and then present “my Hidden Years, as the Present”.

“I don’t dwell or live in the past... I just work there,” he says. Time frame “1963 to the present”.

Backgrounder to The Hidden Years: David Marks, South African-born songwriter, singer, producer and music archivist, has gathered an impressive collection of materials documenting South African music from the mid-1960s to the early 2000s.

In 1990, he launched The HYMAP (Hidden Years Music Archive Project) and in 2013 donated his documentation to the Documents Centre for Music at the University of Stellenbosch.

When the donations box is passed around, a minimum of R50 per person is suggested. The programme will hopefully take place outdoors, weather permitting.

Bookings limited to diners in support of St Clements restaurant and staff. (They stay open specially for these evenings.)

Be there in time to open your tab and order before the performance, scheduled to start at 18h00.

Mondays @ Six at St Clements take place at St Clements which is situated at 191 Musgrave Road in Durban. Mondays @ Six run between 18h00 and 19h00. Table bookings are essential on 031 202 2511.


NB: Please cancel if you book then can’t make it as they often close booking due to space constraints.