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Sunday, April 16, 2023



Deadline: Friday April 28 2023 at 17h00

BASA invites registered small and micro enterprises within the cultural and creative industries to apply for PESP4.


The Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP4) aims to create opportunities in the creative and cultural sectors with a focus on shared value. It is a project of the President and the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture (DSAC).

PESP has demonstrated the government’s capacity to increase public employment and other forms of publicly-supported support with the creation of more than 550,000 jobs and livelihood opportunities, in addition to more that are still being implemented.

BASA’s involvement in the PESP4 implementation is focused on ensuring that the positions generated provide participants with genuine work experience that will aid them on their journeys into a larger labor market, making them “work-ready” when the economic recovery provides opportunities that are more permanent.

As a first step, applicants should e-mail formal Expression of Interest letters to, alternatively, before, Friday April 28, 2023, at 17h00. This must include the requested grant amount as well as a high-level summary of the project. Thereafter, those who are qualified will be asked to complete an online application.

Proposals that have a well-thought-out plan with specific targets, exact measures, and measurable impact will only be taken into consideration. Programmes that create jobs and explicitly target particular groups (women, young adults, and individuals with disabilities) will be given additional consideration. Initiatives relating to the development of human capital (education, training, technology, innovation, skills, and wellness) will also be taken into account. 

Applications received after the deadline or that are not complete will not be taken into account.

For more information contact the BASA switchboard at 011 447 2295 or choose the appropriate option on the BASA WhatsApp chatbot at

For a full list of PESP 4 guidelines and criteria visit the website at