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Sunday, April 2, 2023


Have you ever longed to be able to draw or paint, write or compose music? With The Artist’s Way you can discover how to unlock your latent creativity and make your dreams a reality.

The Artist’s Way provides a twelve-week course that guides you through the process of recovering your creative self. It dispels the “I’m not talented enough’ conditioning that holds many people back and helps you to unleash your own inner artist.

The Artist’s Way helps demystify the creative process by making it part of your daily life. It tackles your self-doubts, self-criticism and worries about time, money and the support needed to pursue your creative dream.

Bernice Stott is the course facilitator. Her background as a professional speaker, trainer and experienced counsellor sparks motivation in people to revive their talents. Her formal qualifications include theology, drama, art and Lifeline training. In her professional life she is an artist.

The Artist’s Way takes place from May 10 to July 19, 2023, on Wednesday evenings from 17h00 to 19h15 at 64 Armstrong Avenue Unit 2, La Lucia Office Park La Lucia, Durban North.

Cost: R2,850 pp early bird before April 31 or three instalments of R1,000.00.

For more information, or to book email or call 0833438994.

Participants are requested to buy their own copy of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which can be purchased locally.