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Wednesday, May 17, 2023



(Above: Lyle D Chellan, Bhavanie Kisten, Melanie Kisten & Kyra Kiki (Kubeshan) Naidoo)

A comedy to rock Durban’s Suncoast Globe Theatre on June 24, 2023.

Theatre luminary Melanie Kisten, together with Panache Promotions, brings you a fresh new dance comedy that turns the spotlight on family dynamics – and the pitfalls of greed. Originally staged in 2019, before the show could do a roadshow, lockdown hit. So, she’s back by public demand!

In Big Amma’s House, a seemingly perfect family is pushed to the limits by gossip and materialism. The result is sheer comical chaos. Starring Melanie Kisten, with Lyle D Chellan, Desiree Kisten, Krishna Subrayen, Mayeshni Parsuram, Lucian Govender, Kyra Kiki (Kubeshan) Naidoo, Bhavanie Kisten and Elaine Govender, this whacky new family adventure features vibrant dance sequences by the MKDA dance troupe (Melanie Kisten Dance Academy).

(Left: Bhavanie Kisten & Melanie Kisten)

Kisten has established herself as a powerhouse producer with a sequence hit shows, The Bread, The Porridge & The Mix Masala, a capacity-filled Who’s The Boss? – and, most recently, the delicious romp, Home Affairs. Her latest production is set to further cement her popularity at the box office.  As a respected dance teacher, inspiring countless students and their families, she has amassed a merry fan base that grows with each production. So, if fun is your flavour, you’re in for a delicious treat at Big Amma’s House.

What do a mother, a father, two totally opposite daughters, a son with his wife, a troubled uncle, and a nosey aunty have in common? Ever heard the saying ‘you can choose your friends, but not your family’?

Every family seems perfect until cheap gossip, the greed for money and ego gets a better part of their lives and make one wonder .... Do parents really have favouritism towards their kids or do circumstances make one believe so? Is money really the root to all evil? Come find out!

(Right: Lyle D Chellan, Kubeshan Naidoo & Melanie Kisten)

Big Amma’s House begins as an adventure of a whacky but fun-loving family who - no matter what the circumstances - are always there for each other. Until greed for money gets the better of them. But can this tear them apart? It is certainly set to cause chaos, suspense, betrayal, anger, and a whole lot of laughter!

So, if this is your flavour, you’re certainly in for a delicious treat at Big Amma’s House. Keeping in mind Durban’s wonderful and ever so supportive patrons, tickets are priced from only R150 with VVIP seating at only R200.

With just one performance scheduled to run at Suncoast the Globe on June 24, 2023, early booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment. 

Call 0861 915 8000 now! Or book online at