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Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 (Right: Pic by Val Adamson)

Today, May 24, marks my website artSMart’s 24th birthday! 

I can’t believe we have come so far and managed to stay on track despite the economic situation. My immense gratitude to those organisations who have advertised on artSMart.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a plea for more advertisers as this income goes towards covering the basic needs of running the website.

My huge thanks go to Riaan Timson who handles the artSMart Facebook page and Les Juby from Webpro who is the site’s manager, not to mention my special PA, Pauline Dalais.

Topping the list are those who voluntarily help me with all aspects such as admin and the reviewing of concerts, theatre/dance productions and books. Your support is inestimable as I take no income from artSMart.

It is good to see more growth lately on the arts scene as performers and artists are moving forward with determination, despite all the current challenges.

Let’s help artSMart move forward and continue to provide the service it does to the arts in KZN!

Caroline Smart