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Thursday, May 25, 2023


 (Above: Cara Roberts; Aaron Mcilroy; Kaylee Mcilroy; Patrick Kenny. Front: Mpilo “Straw” Nzimande & Bryan Hiles. Pic by Illa Thompson)

The Durban Theatre community is excited to announce the inaugural family-friendly 031 Theatre Festival at the great new Bridge Theatre at Northlands Primary School in Durban North from June 16 to 18, 2023.

The theatre festival has been spearheaded by Aaron McIlroy (MACBOB Productions) and Michael Broderick (Theatresmiths) and will feature various productions that are performing at this year’s National Arts Festival in Makhanda / Grahamstown. The festival has been carefully curated to ensure that there is something for theatre lovers of every age.


The Great Big Enormous Turnip

There are two productions for young theatre lovers: The Great Big Enormous Turnip - a happy, hilarious, vigorous, wild 40-minute romp through the deep dark woods – suitable for the whole family Staring Bryan Hiles and Cara Roberts (and various audience members). (All ages)


June 16 @ 12h00 (45 mins)

June 17 @ 12h00 (45 mins)

June 18 @ 12h00 (45 mins)


The Adventure of Who

Inspired by The Never-Ending Story, The Adventure of Who is a magical quest through a mystical land, written and performed by Kaylee McIlroy. (PG 5)


June 16 @ 14h00 (45 mins)

June 17 @ 14h00 (45 mins)


A Vegan Killed My Marriage

For grown-ups: A Vegan Killed My Marriage is written and directed by multi award-winning film director, Craig Friemond, and stars comedian Aaron McIlroy. (PG 12)


June 16 @ 18h00 (55 mins)

June 17 @ 18h00 (55 mins)


Yesterday’s Hero

Yesterday’s Hero stars Ovation Award winner Patrick Kenny as a hapless soap opera doctor who accidentally kills a local crime boss - an hilarious dive into the privileges and pitfalls of minor celebrity. Written by Kenny and directed by award-winning comedian, Aaron McIlroy. (PG 10)


June 16 @ 20h00 (55 mins)

June 17 @ 20h00 (55 mins)


The Flame in The Snow

Finally, The Flame in The Snow, the hidden affair between two of South Africa’s most prolific writers’- letters written between Andre Brink and Ingrid Jonker - their passion, their heartache, and their ultimate devastation as their gripping love affair unfolds. This poignant, raw celebration of the power of the written word, is directed by Bryan Hiles and performed by Cara Roberts and Mpilo Nzimande. (16+)

Only one performance:  June 18 at 14h00 (70 mins)


All shows are R100 (excluding booking fee) and are available through Webtickets

Secure parking available. Refreshments and snacks on sale

Northlands Primary is situated at 20 Gleneagles Drive, Durban North.