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Sunday, July 30, 2023



(Above: Paul Slabolepszy (playwright), Annie Robinson-Grealy (actress) and William le Cordeur (director). Pic supplied.

When Stars Collide! Paul Slab’s new play meets Uga Carlini’s new film at Hilton Arts Festival which runs at Hilton College from August 11 to 13, 2023.

In an amazing twist of co-incidence (or are the planets aligned?) - two works based around the extraordinary tale of an eccentric woman (and her alien lover) who lived in Rosetta in the KZN Midlands, will feature at this year’s Hilton Arts Festival ().

These new works – one a play and another a film have as their point of reference, Elizabeth Klarer, a South African meteorologist who devoted herself to proving the existence of Akon, her extraterrestrial lover from the planet Meton in the Proxima Centauri solar system. In her book Beyond the Light Barrier – Klarer claims to have lived with Akon’s family on Meton for four months and given birth to their son after a journey on his spaceship.

Back on earth, celebrated South African playwright Paul Slabolepszy’s new one-woman play Finding Rosetta, collides with Klarer’s incredible story. Directed by William le Cordeur, and starring Hilton-festival darling Annie Robinson-Grealy, Finding Rosetta tells of middle-aged, disillusioned Rose who finds herself back in the Midlands of her childhood where she stumbles on Klarer’s book and discovers that she and this controversial ‘Daughter of Rosetta’ once crossed paths. In seeking ways to reconnect with the loving, exuberant, creative young woman of her early years, Rose embarks on a transformative journey that compels her to re-examine her own existence as well as her shared duty with all humanity in saving the precious planet we call home.

(Left: Narrator of “Beyond the Light Barrier” John Kani with Elizabeth Klarer's book) Pic supplied

 Uga Carlini who brought audiences the incredible documentary Alison, has directed Beyond the Light Barrier, which explores the extraordinary life of Elizabeth Klarer. 

The documentary, narrated by legendary South African actor John Kani, features archival footage, recent interviews with Klarer’s family and friends, as well as sceptics and Southern African Ufologists, to offer an in-depth look at her enigmatic life.

The film delves into her experiences on the alien planet and includes insights from Credo Mutwa, the renowned South African mystic. Through personal accounts and expert analysis, Beyond the Light Barrier provides an immersive exploration of Klarer’s remarkable legacy. The director will be at the screening at Hilton for a Q & A afterwards.

“It is a curious co-incidence that the film and play have found their way to the Festival at the same time,” says Sue Clarence, Director of the Hilton Arts Festival. “We think this could be a fantastic “tandem” opportunity to uncover the mystery that the Midlands and Hilton Fest-goers have been puzzling for years over many bottles of red wine. But on a serious note, we are delighted to present Uga’s new film, and to have the premiere of Paul Slab’s play directed by Midlands theatre personality William le Cordeur, and Annie Robinson-Grealy who has lived in the Midlands for years and has performed at countless Hilton Arts Festivals. It does feels as if the stars have aligned.”

Finding Rosetta (the play) is on August 12 at 14h00 and August 13 at 10h00

Beyond the Light Barrier (the film) is on August 12 at 10h00

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