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Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Reddam House Umhlanga choir set to wow New York City on life-changing tour

Reddam House Umhlanga is proud to announce that its choir, comprising 50 talented members of the College, from grades 9 to matric, is gearing up for a lifechanging journey to New York City in June. This co-ed ensemble, including 10 former Drakensberg Boys Choir students, is set to captivate audiences at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall.

Under the guidance of four dedicated staff members, including Executive Head Adam Rogers, the choir will showcase their musical talent and represent South Africa on an international stage. With a mission to share their passion for music and foster global connections, the choir will participate in workshops, performances, and sightseeing activities during their time in New York City.

The adventure begins on June 4 and includes workshops and performances at renowned institutions such as Carnegie Hall, Dalton School, and St. Patrick's Cathedral, as well as cultural excursions to Central Park, Times Square, and Broadway.

Adam Rogers expressed his excitement about the upcoming tour, saying, "We have been eagerly awaiting our first ever international College Choir Tour in our school’s 21 years of existence. Over a year in the planning, and bringing together Reddam House Umhlanga parents, choir and staff members, as well as the wider Umhlanga community, this College Choir Tour is the culmination of creative collaboration, considerable generosity and commitment. We wish to thank our organising and fundraising committee, parents and sponsors for making this tour possible.”

Aidan McArthur, Choir Captain, added: “This tour might have been just over a year in the planning but, in truth, our College Choir has been preparing to embark on this journey of musical discovery and inspiration for many years under the guidance of maestro Mr Russell Scott. We have also forged bonds that transcend mere friendship. Through shared experiences and shared passions, we have become a tight-knit community bound together by our love for music and the excitement of this shared journey.”

In addition to the performances, the tour serves as a community-driven initiative, with a significant fundraising element aimed at easing the financial burden for students and ensuring that all students have the chance to take part in this unforgettable experience.

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