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Thursday, May 2, 2024


 (Image credits: Dillon Marsh and Charles J. Sharp)


(Above: 1789 Sibikwa Arts Centre)

50 years ago, the first ticket for the National Arts Festival was printed. Many thousands more tickets have been printed since, yet each ticket bought represents a commitment to enter a dream, a vision - and a journey into the mind of an artist.

Today the 2024 programme, unfolding from June 20 to 30 in Makhanda, is live and open for booking – and the journey begins again. Bold, visionary, restless and outspoken, click on the themes below to find out more about the works on this year’s Curated Programme.

(Lalela uLwandle, Empatheatre)

The Festival’s Curated Programme recognises works from across South Africa’s creative landscape selected by the Festival’s Artistic Committee.

Infused this year with works and collaborations from Continental Connections across Africa, Justice and Hope is present through many works as we reach milestones and evaluate the turmoil of our times.

 A strong African Storytelling Resonance is building through artistic works that cradle new narratives and revisit old ones in themes of History, Nostalgia and Retrospection.

The 2023 Standard Bank Young Artists hold space for Spirit, Ritual and Celebration while the Generational Bridges of the Festival’s fifty-year trajectory are explored directly and indirectly throughout the programme. 

(Mandisi Dyantis -an award winning Afro-Soul-Jazz artist)

In the weeks to come, the organisers will share more about the Fringe, Visual Art Exhibitions, Third Space, Jazz and Eastern Cape Showcase programmes. 

Tickets range from just R30 to no more than R175, head to to start making your bookings.

For more information visit or click on the banner across these pages (to be updated shortly)