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Saturday, April 20, 2024


 (Above: Serene Intent - Sculpture by Dave Tomlinson. Pic supplied)

Joy Reynolds, owner of the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery based in Durban, is delighted to announce a special work in the gallery.

“This wonderful piece of bronze sculpture of a Grey Heron Serene Intent from KZN's master sculptor is an important and a very special emotive work for all of us who love Dave Tomlinson and his works.

“Dave, now in his eighties is concentrating on his maquettes as he is finding the demands of producing large pieces a heavy challenge. So, this heron is the last big piece he will be doing, ever.

“We are privileged and honoured to have this important piece in the gallery. It is one of an edition of 4 - No.1 was sold in Johannesburg, No. 2 in Cape Town, and Elizabeth Gordon Gallery in Durban now has the third.

“This is your last chance to acquire one of Dave's big sculptures.”

Serene Intent, to the top of the reeds stands at 60 cm. and the base is 50 cm. in length. The price of the piece is R130,000 inc. vat.

Joy adds: “Art lovers are invited to feel free to pop in to see and admire this gem. The piece can be professionally crated and freighted anywhere in the world.”

Elizabeth Gordon Gallery is situated at 120 Florida Road, Durban. For more information contact Joy Reynolds on 082 2100 641 or email or visit