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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Acclaimed singer pays tribute to her muse and long-term friend and companion.

Acclaimed singer Tu Nokwe pays tribute to Bheki Mseleku, her long-term friend and companion and father of her daughter Nirvana.

I feel so much pain for Bheki. This pain is tearing my heart apart. I cannot imagine how much pain his children are going through at this time. Because of this dreaded cruel and evil disease: diabetes and its related condition bipolar, his whole life was full of suffering.

My dear friend is finally free. Now he is resting in God’s hands, near his mother and father … That union will shower the Mseleku family with many blessings. I pray to God that my tears will wash away any debris from the past and Bheki’s angels will guide him on a milky white way.

My heart is in pain because he died a lonely death in a strange and cold country. All our wishes and plans to be together again this summer, to visit India again, to do this and that … were all in vain. God wanted him back and we cannot compete with God. I thank God for allowing me and our daughter Nirvana Nokuthula Nokwe-Mseleku to spend our last happiest days with him in London this April.

I remain with many happy memories: at Taj Mahal Hotel in India – his favourite country – him playing a flute for me accompanying my folk guitar tune. Jazz and folk – interesting mix.

My heart is at peace because I love him and his children love him dearly. I feel his gentle peaceful presence is here with us… smiling. – Mom Tu Nokwe