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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Glen Bo Solo Show to run at Kwasuka Theatre from December 4 to 13.

Sorry, What?!, The Glen Bo Solo show, is playing at Kwasuka Theatre from December 4 to 13.

“What’s this about then?” asks Glen Bo. “It's simple - all things that have been said by the "leaders" in RSA, the apathy with South Africans and on a lighter side Zombies who read the news. If you're a fan of let's say the Mighty Boosh, or even Python, but more importantly alternative stand-up, well you should love this. Have you ever heard someone or something speak to you and you think - Sorry What? Was it the TV that spewed that drivel or perhaps my local politician or dietary supplements salesperson wearing a neon jersey, standing in the Bluff. How do these people get into my living room? Here have a beer, stay a while and let's chat about Zombies who read the news.

“If you have ever had one of these words in a sentence, then this show is the best thing for you. It will cure all things that hurt except broken legs. However, if you have wondered how to survive a dislocated shoulder … well, have I got news for you, it can be done. We will be showing how not to dislocate - there is a video of the very performer doing that in what some call a tragic accident and others the single most painful movement of humour they ever witnessed. That plus stories about the incredible robot boy, Ninjas and how to survive a BBQ in London.”

Glen Bo is considered one of South Africa's most tenacious, talented and left-field stand-ups. After spending five years abroad, playing the UK, touring to Bahrain - even the Seychelles, he has performed in competitions, showcases and underground clubs and is always a firm favourite. “If you like your comedy, fast paced, dark and pulling no punches, then get tickets now and be there,” he urges.

The performance on December 4 offers two-for-one tickets and the remaining performances will be filmed for Glen Bo’s DVD.

Performances from December 4 to 13 (Thursdays to Saturdays) are at 20h00 and Kwasuka Theatre is situated at Stamford Hill Road opposite the Greyville Post Office. Tickets R50 pre-sale from (R60 at the door). More information on 074 150 7975.