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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Premiering on M-Net Action on July 28 at 20h00 is Dick Tracy (PG). Directed by Warren Beatty, who also acts in the film, this thriller tells about a young street brat, at an illegal card game, who witnesses the massacre of mobsters Shoulders, Stooge, the Rodent, the Brow, Flattop and Itchy. Flattop and Itchy are on the payroll of "Big Boy" Caprice whose crime syndicate is aggressively taking over small businesses in the city. Detective Dick Tracy catches the rascal (who calls himself "Kid") in an act of petty theft. After rescuing him from a ruthless guardian, Tracy temporarily adopts him with the help of his girlfriend, Tess Truehart. The movie also features Charlie Korsmo.

M-Net Action will screen National Treasure, an Action Adventure, on July 31 at 20h00. Benjamin Franklin Gates has dedicated his life to locating the secret Knights of the Templar treasure, a legendary hoard that brings not only riches but power and control. Gates becomes the first person in 223 years to unlock the clues behind the key to the treasure - a map which is written on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Now, Gates needs to steal the Declaration in order to save it from his ruthless adversary Ian Howe and stay one step ahead of Howe in a tense, exciting battle of wits. Directed by Jon Turteltaub, the cast includes Nicholas Cage and Diane Kruger.