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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Anti-apartheid documentary series for SABC2.

The powerful seven-part documentary series, Have you heard from Johannesburg? is running on Sundays at 21h00 on SABC 2. This is a Clarity Films Production released by Steps International, by Academy Award nominee Connie Field that shines light on the global citizens’ movement that took on South Africa’s apartheid regime. It reveals how everyday people in South Africa and their allies around the globe helped challenge – and end – one of the greatest injustices the world has ever known.

The documentary presents an untold story of one of the most fascinating events of the last century. It’s a story full of violence, heroism and struggles with real heroes and real villains. It’s a story that travels all over the world, from Africa to Australia, from Sweden to the USA. It’s a story of change. Of movements that shake up governments across the world, that force big companies to their knees, and change the minds of millions of people. It’s a story of how the people of the world – very often against the opinions of their governments – destroyed apartheid in South Africa.

It’s a story called Have You Heard From Johannesburg – The World against Apartheidis a story that gives us hope. A story that, when the world is changing, allows us to believe that each and every person is important. The series is made up of seven stories from around the world, including South Africa, and plays an important role in opening South Africans' eyes.

According to Connie Field, the series producer, “I wanted to tell the story of the world effort to eliminate apartheid as a focus for global action. This is a story about people who were fighting for their rights against a very oppressive regime and were able to strategically harness the rest of the world”.