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Sunday, April 3, 2011


(Pic: 'St George' Tyrell van den Heever and Princess Silindile)

“Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah! Hear ye, hear ye!“comes the message from The British Cultural & Heritage Association: “Let it be known that on Sunday, 17 April in the year 2011 a great gathering there shall be at the esteemed Camelot Castle where thou shall partake of a tasty feast with Festivities and merriment.”

The British Cultural & Heritage Association will celebrate St George’s Day on April 17 with their annual feast to honour the Patron Saint of England.

St George is renowned as a Soldier, Martyr and Saint – he served in the Roman Army but, after defending his faith before pagan Emperor Diocletian, he was beheaded on April 23 in 303 AD and subsequently became the subject of many legends in the Middle East and Europe. St. George became the Patron Saint of England in 1415 AD.

He was selected because he embodied the ideals of England – bravery and heroism, courage and compassion and of helping those in need. Since 1997 there has been a concerted patriotic campaign in England to observe and remember St George’s Day and there has been a determined effort to re-instate it as a national holiday – in fact, statistics prove that it is now in the top three days of celebration in the country. Commemorating St George's Day is seen as a way of reconnecting Britain's diverse community with national history, giving people of all backgrounds a sense of Englishness and confidence in identity. South Africa’s rich history and ‘rainbow’ heritage means that its people have the opportunity to recognise and celebrate their cultural differences in an era where groups are encouraged to be culturally identifiable. Hence our own festivity and merriment!

The Celebration Festivities include dance performances from the Parker Studio of Celtic Dance and the lunch will comprise of a three-course buffet menu and a cash bar will be available. The traditional English Lunch will be marked by the time-honoured Ancient Ceremony of the Roast Beef and the official toast to the Noble Knight. The event promises to be a most unique occasion and an opportunity to celebrate and explore British culture and heritage.

The St George’s Day Celebration starts at 12h30 on April 17 and takes place in Hillcrest at Camelot, Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom. Tickets R165 (R150 for BCHA/1820s members and R75 for children under 12). Booking essential through the BCHA/1820s office on 031 202 6174 (office hours).