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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


CFAD (Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design) has just completed its most successful Winter Vacation Young Artists Programme yet – with bumper attendance and some hugely talented youngsters whose art is on display at a group exhibition to showcase their work.

More than 70 learners joined up for the boot-camp – more than twice the usual number of attendees. The group was divided into two teams: from 10 – 13 year olds, and from 14 year olds plus.

“We are delighted with the amazing response,” says Dr Nanda Soobben. “It is a big commitment to sacrifice one’s school holidays to come to class. There has been some great talent this year and the youngsters have learned some useful skills, including working on some of the latest software on apple macs,” continues Soobben.

Soobben puts the great response down to CFAD having relocated from the CBD to the Berea. Their beautiful new premises in Cowey / Problem Mkhize Road has been accessible and attractive to learners.

The project – now in its 11th year, is based on a similar programme run at the San Francisco Art Institute where talented youngsters aged between 10 and 18 years are put through an intensive art “boot-camp”, not usually offered at a high school level. The modules covered were drawing, painting, computer graphics, animation and design.

The students had great fun – being taught graphic design and by being taught to think out of the box. They had a taste of project management and how to conceptualize ideas and turn them into a means of communication, which will benefit them in their schooling career. They were exposed to the latest animation and multi-media technology and drawing, painting and design techniques.

The exhibition is staged at Portview,183 Cowey / Problem Mkhize Road, which is situated on the Berea and is now home to the Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design. Declared a National Monument, this 100-year-old building is an Edwardian Villa with beautiful gardens and a charming authentic feature fountain. More information from Sasha from CFAD on 031 240 8402.