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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


(Gaëtan Schmid)

Review by Margaret von Klemperer of the production at the 2011 Witness Hilton Arts Festival. (Courtesy of The Witness)

Belgian Gaëtan Schmid is a frenetic stage performer, so much so that there are risks involved in sitting in the front row when he is on the stage. He was the creator of the hilarious The Dog’s Bollocks, and this time round he turns his attention to the things our bodies say as we interact and communicate with those around us. And what our bodies say is not at all the same thing as our words.

Schmid starts off with the handshake, and I’ll bet before he began the audience had no idea just how many nuances it contains. Be careful if you shake hands this week with anyone who saw him – they’ll be checking out what your hand is really saying.

Body Language packed the crowds in – the shows were sold out – but in theory (Schmid’s theory, anyway) the crammed Memorial Hall should have been more comfortable by the end – he says laughter makes you thinner. - Margaret von Klemperer

More reviews of the Witness Hilton Festival productions to follow shortly