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Saturday, September 10, 2011


(Dutch Ink, "Aweh my bru")

Running at The Collective is Follow Your Art. Contemporary/street culture is a first of its kind exhibition of art and design at the Collective. It celebrates the production and cultural influence of youth cultures. Skateboarding, graffiti, comics and design have not only affected fashion, music, literature, and film, they have influenced a generation of young artists who identify with the lifestyle and counter-culture stance of these creative art forms born from the street. In addition to including works in all mediums by more than 50 artists, Follow Your Art includes music, album covers, skateboards and “zines” that reveal the spirit and vitality of street culture and its ever expanding influence on the youth of tomorrow.

The unifying traits of these artists, whose styles still lie outside the world of conventional gallery art, include an interest in pop culture iconography and a nonsensical do-it-yourself attitude. Follow Your Art traces the early influences on this new generation of artists, filmmakers, illustrators, graffiti writers, cartoonists and designers, and explores the broader cultural trends that make their work what it is today.

Follow Your Art aims to offer each artist an outlet to express their personal perspectives to enable them to engage in an intercultural dialogue and expose themselves to other sub-cultural diversities within the city of Durban and beyond.

“We hope this exhibition will be the first of many, where we can view the best and most inspirational local and international artists,” says the Collective team. “Most of all, let's have some fun whilst expressing who we are through our respected art forms!” The Collective Team is made up of Amy-Jo Windt, Sayuri Naidoo and Lisa Herselman.

Follow Your Art runs until October 1 at 14h00. An artSPACE durban initiative, The Collective is situated at 48b Florida Road, entrance in 4th Avenue next to Ike's Bookshop. More information on 031 303 4891, email: or visit