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Thursday, September 20, 2012


(Marke Meyer – copyright)

Marke Meyer's photographic art exhibition titled Exposure opens this Friday evening September 21 at 18h30 at Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery on the lower South Coast.

This large body of photographic artwork forms part of the South Coast Spring & Wine Festival. Although it is a predominantly a photographic-art exhibition, Meyer will also be showing serigraphs, bronze sculpture and a stop-motion audio-visual.

Marke Meyer has always had a special interest in figurative work. He uses both sculpture and photography as tools to explore the human figure. His style is loosely associated with contemporary realism, although he likes to infuse his work with a quirky, conceptual edge. This is always evident in the titles of his works.

Meyer is possibly best known for the impressive low-key lighting in his photography. He uses lighting to draw the observer into the beauty of the figure - emphasizing form and the simplest line that spirals around a figure in a fleeing pose. "Figures fascinate me,” he says, “... especially the female figure. The energy present between me and the model becomes the breath of life in my work. I am inspired by the infinite possibilities of form achieved by using a variety of figures in a multiplicity of poses. I am mesmerized by the warm, plasticity and texture of real fkes - 'the fleshiness of flesh.' The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground."
Meyer also has an interest in the 'abstractions' taken from man-made sculpture: buildings, machinery and landscapes that depict man's intervention. These are compositional and often colour based pieces that re-evaluate the picture plane. As with his figurative work, these striking pieces (often mounted as multiple images) appear to be all about form, line and incident light.

Peter Sealy-Fisher, a Johannesburg art photographer, and other prominent photographers will also be showing a sample of their work.

Exposure runs until September 25 at Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery in Southbroom. More information on 039 316 6204 or