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Thursday, September 20, 2012


(A variety of contemporary jewellery by local jewellers will be on show)

Artisan Gallery has recently opened a jewellery exhibition titled Flourish, a delightful exhibition of work by jewellers in many different stages of their creative walks. Expect to see pieces by established jewellers as well as some new names on the contemporary jewellery scene.

The new generation of jewellery designers from the Durban University of Technology are also exhibiting their work. Integrated with their rich cultural backgrounds, this is based on, among other sources; traditional weaving, Mendhi, nursery rhymes, gardening, graffiti and filigree.

The exhibition forms part of the Major-Minor IV exhibition (Fibre Works) which opens on October 3. The jewellery exhibition will be on until October 13, but it is hoped that some of it will be available for the end-of-year display as well.

Artisan Contemporary Gallery is situated at 344 Florida Road. More information on 031 312 4364 or 083 301 5747, email: or visit