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Friday, October 26, 2012


Call to participate! Entries to be in by November 3.

artSPACE durban invites artists - from hobbyist to professional - to participate in their new exhibition, 11x11: Inanimate Objects. The exhibition will take place as a lead up to “16 days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children” which takes place from November 25 until December 10.

artSPACE is inviting artists to collect a small blank canvas – measuring 11 x 11cm - to create a work of their choice. These are for sale at artSPACE for R30 per canvas. There are no restrictions in regards to preferred medium in which to work. However, artists would still need to purchase a canvas to be able to participate in the show.

By participating in the exhibition, artists will be supporting Diakonia Council of Church’s “Thursdays in Black: towards a world without rape and violence” campaign. All commission proceeds of artSPACEdurban from this exhibition will be donated to Diakonia for them to fund campaign buttons.

Thursdays in Black is a programme run by Diakonia Council of Churches to encourage men and women to wear black every Thursday to raise awareness around issues of gender justice, violence against women and corrective rape.

The theme of the exhibition is “an inanimate object, a modern twist on the still life”. It will explore what is an inanimate object, considering that it is “an object that has no life-bearing parts - like a teddy bear, a snow globe or a lamp for example. The exception being plants - for although plants are living organisms, they are considered inanimate objects. Read more:

The connection with this exhibition and the beneficiary is that often women are still considered inanimate objects – with no rights and no voice. The horrendous shooting in Pakistan of teenage gender and peace activist, Malala Yousafzai, by the Pakistani Taliban is a reminder of how crucial and topical this campaign is globally.

The deadline for entries to be delivered to artSPACE is 3 November 2012.

11x11: Inanimate Objects will run from November 5 to 17. Canvases are available from artSPACE durban during gallery hours: Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00, Saturdays and public holidays from 09h00 to 14h00. The gallery is situated at 3 Millar Road (next to the Waste Centre in Umgeni Road. Contact 031 312 0793.