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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The Wawela Awards have arrived to celebrate the success of South African music on the international stage, but SAMRO says that this new initiative does more than put composers and authors of music in the spotlight. SAMRO Deputy-CEO Sipho Dlamini says, “the art begins when the song is written.” The Wawela Music Awards are about recognising and rewarding the composers and authors of music for their remarkable contribution to creating music.

“There’s no doubt South African music is getting increased recognition on a global scale,” he continues. “Despite this, our musicians - particularly songwriters - still struggle to gain exposure. As a champion of music rights SAMRO has stepped in with an initiative that will achieve the education and promotion of locally-composed music. SAMRO Deputy-CEO Sipho Dlamini comments that the Wawela Music Awards do more than support the musicians you see and hear. The Wawela Music Awards also recognise composers for their achievements on the international stage. Quite often the people who write the music are not those you hear performing the songs or appearing in music videos. For this reason, composers find it harder to get exposure for their work. The Wawela Music Awards are about recognising composers and songwriters who contribute to the final composition.”

Around the country, the music community is welcoming the new awards. Global Star Entertainment CEO, Lazarus Serobe comments, “The awards are a good initiative. People like Lira are making huge strides representing South Africa abroad. Publicising these efforts by South African musicians is the only way to go.”

Antos Stella, the founder of AS Entertainment, is among those also voicing her support of the awards initiative, “I believe it is high time South African musicians are recognised for their international achievements. Many of our musicians both past and present work tirelessly to shatter boundaries and present our music and culture to the rest of the world. It is high time our musicians are recognised for their efforts.”

The Wawela Music Awards are open to all SAMRO members whose music has featured internationally. Members can submit their music and learn more about the awards, which are sponsored by SAMRO, by visiting

Entries close on April 2, 2013.