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Monday, April 15, 2013


(The Kurt Wenner work at Gateway featuring
Red Cap Radio personality David Yapp and his daughter)

The 3D effect is so dramatic one instinctively wants to duck to avoid the car! (Review by Keith Millar)

Kurt Wenner, internationally renowned as the creator of 3D pavement art, visited the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga last week to assist the Hyundai Motor Company to launch their innovative new model, the Veloster, in KZN.

In his giant 3D illustration to celebrate this event Wenner depicts the Veloster zooming spectacularly down a roller coaster. The 3D effect is quite dramatic and one instinctively wants to duck to avoid the car.

Wenner received his first commission to produce an art work at the age of 16. He attended design school and art college after which he worked for NASA as an advanced scientific illustrator.

A move to Rome to study classical art saw Wenner getting involved in pavement art. Climbing scaffolding to examine baroque frescoes in churches across Italy, he noticed that artists had used anamorphic perspective and had elongated the figures to make their works look normal when viewed from the ground.

Wenner wanted to develop on this and accommodate the viewpoints of spectators standing at the base of his works. This led to him inventing a new geometry which uses a logical linear perspective with a projection outwards from the human eye. Known as Wenner’s hyperbolic perspective, it is used to create the extraordinary three-dimensional illusions for which he is so famous.

Wenner believes that his artworks should be accessible to the public and as a result they were able to pose for photographs while standing on the mural. The result is a photograph perfectly in perspective.

Also on display at Gateway was the beautiful new Hyundai Veloster. It is a sleek and distinctively designed coupé which features a unique three door design.

Hyundai General Manager Corporate Communications, Deon Sonnekus, explained the symbiotic relationship between art and technology in the world of car design. While there is a constant need for creativity and innovation in design there is always certain mathematical and scientific limitations which need to be considered. He said that Hyundai is showing an new original approach to car design just as Kurt Wenner had explored new frontiers in art discipline. – Keith Millar