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Friday, November 8, 2013


(Manelis, who travels to France with French band Gran Kino and three other South African artists)

On November 13, 2013, the French band Gran Kino will be joined by four South African artists to reclaim words used by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech. Freedom, future, reconciliation and renewal, optimistic words, projecting the future, but also words with a strong symbolic value will be highlighted in the composed music.

Durban rap artist Manelis will join Gran Kino along with Ayanda Nhlangothi (JHB), Jitsvinger (CPT) and Burni Aman (CPT). One of the defining artists in Durban’s rap development from its beginning in the mid 90’s, Manelis draws inspiration from old African flavours. He speaks of the African urban experience on soulful and sometimes experimental instrumental backdrops.

Whether through rock, hip hop or spoken word, all these artists are committed to present this moment in history and particularly present their vision of South Africa as it is today. The artists involved will talk about every day live, which might not always be like Mandela envisioned in his 1994 speech. The artists will perform a total of 10 shows throughout France this year and are planning a world tour in 2014/2015

Under Madiba Skies is working on an EP and the recently released their first single titled Brand New Day” can be heard at

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