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Sunday, December 8, 2013


In her book, Full Circle, Durban author Vera Alexander has drawn inspiration from “the wonderful work done by many who work with people with This Ability and from the people themselves who have fought for acceptance”.

Many years ago Alexander’s dance group "adopted" Cheshire Homes and were privileged to meet and become friends with many of the residents. Their understanding of the problems they had to fight in order to gain acceptance into society grew as they socialised with them.

“I was privileged to teach at the Open Air School in Durban for a short stint as a locum,” explains Alexander. “I was feeling bruised and battered by an experience in a main stream school. The children welcomed me with open arms. Their ready acceptance and joy for education helped heal my battered teacher's psyche. I salute them for their abilities to achieve regardless of major physical problems. In four short weeks they crept into my soul.”

In her review of Full Circle, Manuela Cardiga author of Guilty Pleasures, states the following:

“Bandile was a boy like any other boy. He loved soccer, TV, music and dancing. Most of all Bandile wanted to dance, and then one moment in one carefree day something happened and all his dreams were swept away. He had to learn that with courage and a little help from friends and family he could dance the true dance of life. Vera Alexander has gifted us with a story of perseverance and courage all wrapped up in a stubborn joyous optimism, uncluttered by cheap sentimentality.
This is the story of one boy’s life – Full Circle – from a devastating loss to his recovery taking back his life and his dreams; and Alexander writes it with the impassioned and unpretentious simplicity of a true story teller. Alexander has captured the African culture, its very tone and cadence and attitude with great tenderness and admiration. I love this book!”

Full Circle was launched at Exclusive Books at the end of November and was available at the ICC under the banner of the Arts and Culture Libraries Conference at that time.

All Vera Alexander’s books are available as e-books on Amazon, including Full Circle which is published by umSinsi Press 2013. ISBN 978-1-4309-0669-8. For more information visit