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Saturday, April 12, 2014


(Shika Budhoo & Pauline Dalais as Mrs Singh-Song and Mrs Singh-Sing)

Unusual production was good fun and entertainment suitable for all ages.  (Review by Keith Millar)

The beloved characters of Lollipop Lane were frequent visitors in the homes of many people in KZN who tuned in to the hugely popular soapie during its run on the radio station, Lotus FM.

Now due to popular demand the very same whacky and wonderful personalities are appearing live on stage at the iZulu Theatre at the Sibaya Casino in a delightful comedy roadshow.

All the favourites are there. Including grumpy old Mrs. Singh-Sing (Pauline Dalais), complete with her brick in her handbag. Kept she says for protection (or is it possibly for intimidation?). Needless to say, she had a confrontation with the Casino security staff when she arrived. They were not too keen to let her in with her brick. However, her threat to call her son the lawyer soon resolved the problem.

Accompanying her, as always, was the rather rotund Mrs. Singh-Song (Shika Budhoo). As cheerful as ever and dispensing cooking tips and techniques to anyone who would listen. Her song, Lasagne, to the tune of La Bamba was an absolute winner.

The aged, kleptomaniac Aunty (Maeshni Naicker) also put in an appearance. She wandered about for sometime before in the second half discovering where she was and then spending some time teasing audience members in the front row.

Ricky (Dhaveshan Govender) discussed the problems he has with the machines and attendants at parking lots. He also sang a parody song (earmuffs essential).

Mpume Mthombeni as Regina the maid offered a witty monologue about love, relationships and shopping. She then turned into a hot, steamy blues singer in a gold sequined dress and net stockings.

Equally funny in her monologue was Caitlin Kilburn as bunny hugger Shirley McDoodle. She spoke of the problems of dating and matric dancers. She also, of course, had to put up with her mother Edith McDoodle. A rare and brief cameo performance by Caroline Smart.

Stealing the scene on a number of occasions were Khanyisani Kheswa and Sandile Mthembu also known as the comedy duo Samp and Bean They played the Lollipop Lane handymen James, and his twin brother, also James. Their grinning faces and physical comedy were a treat.

The performances in bringing radio characters to life on stage were overall pretty good. Special mention, however, must be made of Pauline Dalais in her stage debut as Mrs. Singh-Sing. Hers was a credible and accomplished performance.

The creator of Lollipop Lane, Clinton Marius, was responsible for the script and he also co-directed the production with Caroline Smart.

Despite first night nerves and a few sound problems this unusual production was good fun and entertainment suitable for all ages.  Normally, radio drama listeners have to create their own ideas in their minds of the characters they hear. With this production they have the unique opportunity of seeing the characters as envisaged by the actors who created them.

There are two more performances left of The Ladies Of Lollipop Lane at the iZulu Theatre at Sibaya: this evening (Saturday April 12) at 20h00 and tomorrow (Sunday April 13) at 15h00. Tickets are available from Computicket. – Keith Millar