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Saturday, October 10, 2015


(The poster for “Air Force One”)

Weekends on Studio Universal go with a bang – literally. This is the slot for thrills and explosive antics with Hollywood’s hard men.

Studio Universal goes all-out this month, with an assortment of action adventures spread across the month. The second and third weekends share a theme of Hero’s Journey, with premieres including Bulletproof Monk (October 10) in which a martial artist monk (Yun-Fat Chow) charged with protecting an ancient scroll teams up with an unlikely candidate for continuing his legacy – a self-centred young American man (Seann William Scott).

The Glimmer Man (October 11 at 20h20) stars channel favourite Steven Seagal opposite Keenen Ivory Wayans as two mismatched cops who must work together to stop a killer, and find themselves with an extra  incentive when their target strikes close to home.

Air Force One continues the theme on October 17, with Harrison Ford as a US President whose plane is hijacked by terrorists. With some presidents, that might not have been such a bad plan, but this is Harrison Ford so of course he’s a military veteran who soon turns the tables on the bad guys! Gary Oldman and Glenn Close also star.

Then on October 18, it’s Jean-Claude van Damme’s 55th birthday, so Studio Universal joins in the celebrations with The Shepherd (19h40) in which he plays an ex-cop going up against drug smugglers and their corrupt associates in a Texas border town.

The theme shifts to Deep Sea Danger’ on October 24, beginning with tense World War II submarine thriller Below. Bruce Greenwood and Matthew Davis star in a tale of strange things happening in one of the most claustrophobic environments on Earth. Deep Rising follows at 19h50, with hijackers attacking a cruise ship only to find themselves up against tentacled monstrosities. The film stars Treat Williams and Famke Janssen.

On October 25, Kevin Costner is the amphibious hero seeking a sanctuary on a drowned planet in the post-apocalyptic epic Waterworld. The inimitable Dennis Hopper heads up his adversaries. That’s followed at 20h15 by Sanctum, a race against time in which trapped divers exploring a cave system must find a new route to the surface before their air runs out.