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Sunday, November 6, 2022



The Playhouse Company, an agency of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, presents Ihubo, a fascinating hark back on the music of the Nguni people of South Africa. This will have two year-end performances in The Drama Theatre.

“Every year, when curating our Christmas Season programme, we offer a mix of productions that add value to the lives of as broad a spectrum of our audience as possible,” says Ms Lynda Bukhosini, Playhouse Company Chief Executive and Artistic Director.

“We encourage divergent communities to explore each other’s cultures, thus building empathy and understanding between all South Africans. By presenting Ihubo on our Festive Season stage, we offer theatregoers the chance of exploring the historic background across three centuries that formed our Nation’s cultural fabric.”

Mbuso Khoza, proud son of KwaZulu-Natal culture, joins forces with iJadu le Afrika Ensemble to offer up Ihubo, a magnificent new production which details the origins of this ancient Nguni musical genre, and its impact on posterity.

Over and above its wow factor components - those crowd-pleasing Zulu dance, song, and narrative elements of the famous Khoza brand - Ihubo engages with audiences as it takes a deep dive into the historic background across three centuries, seeking out the origins of the Abanguni songs that were passed down to younger generations. The production also explores the relationship between Ihubo and the Songs of the Struggle that still live on in our collective memory today.

Ihubo is a prayer of the village and a scroll of the nation. It is easy to teach when we are singing (rather than) being nervous in a classroom,” says Mbuso Khoza. “Music is a natural remedy for all situations. AbeNguni managed to document their ideas, thoughts, and history through music. Ihubo is the only song that can teach, heal, awaken, restore, safeguard.”

Performances of Ihubo are on Saturday December 17 at 18h30, and Sunday December 18 at 14h30.Tickets are R100 per person. Book now through Web Tickets